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Music is where the world experience begin. Music Canada is Best and easy way to find information about Music Canada - Yours To Discover Music Canada today it is free Links and site , Music search, Music directory, Music chat Music Canada - Canada Music - Top 10 Music Canada List - Music Canada Links and Sites - Jampie Yours To Discover Music Canada - Canada
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Music is where the world experience begin. Music offers video Chat, social network, games, free dating, music and much more. Music is all about connecting people around the world. Music is a place where you meet, share ideas, exchange experiences and information.
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Information About Music

Free Music Links
Offers artists to distribute and promote their music, and enables consumers to search, sample and download music free of charge.
Free Mp3 Music Download
Hi Quality Free and Legal MP3 Music featuring MP3 song downloads, radio streams, and many full album streams

The premier music download site providing digital music
Free MP3 Free Music Downloads
Links directory, forum, chat, topsite rankings, news, newsgroups, radio-stations and more.

MTV is the online home of all things MTV, with videos, music news and reviews, TV show information, and music awards.

All Music
Encyclopedic database of music. Includes biographies for artists and bands, album reviews, and fully cross-referenced discographies that allow the user to browse from artist to artist.
Listen and shop for music, read member blogs, concert and album reviews, and music videos.

Sony Music USA
New releases, album information, and artist profiles from Sony Music, a division including the Columbia, Epic, and Legacy record labels.

Offers libraries with a variety of musical pieces.

Erik Brown's MP3 Links
I really have to put Erik's site in the position of honour at the top of this web page, since it features an awesomely large collection of mp3 music site links arranged in an easy to use layout. If you're looking for free music on the Internet, in a superb selection of eclectic, mainstream and world music genres, this has to be your first port of call. Absolutely!!
Monkeyfilter Audioblog Wiki
Taken from the amazing Tofu Hut site. An absolutely humungous list of mp3 blogs, offering music to stream and download in an awesome selection of genres. Go there. Do yourself a favour. The wiki is only editable by Monkeyfilter members, but it's still fabulous. Really!
Oddio Overplay
Astonishingly massive music resource which has collated years and years of downloadable and streaming music from fabulous resources all over the world. All free and legal, and with a brilliant new design. Check it out or else!!
Streaming, playlist and search engine music service which is the one to beat at the moment. More music than you can shake a stick at, and all of it free for the listening. No downloads though, so you'll have to be near an Internet connection to take advantage of the goodies.
Superb free MP3? music search engine offers streaming and downloads of a huge selection of publicly available tracks.
The Hype Machine
My how time flies. This small experimental site has now grown into a giant musical compendium based around songs posted on mp3 blogs. The design is delicious and the site lets you easily listen to the new music that has been posted today by a great variety of bloggers - discover and fall in love with something new!

Mega Portals
This relatively unknown portal appears to be adding over 40,000 songs a month to its roster. There's certainly a goodly selection of free mp3 and WMA tracks available for download and streaming in a wide range of genres. (Update: the site now claims to offer over 1 million free tracks all on its own. Beware the nasty pop up ads though!)
Stage FM
A name change, a simplified interface and a selection of MP3? tracks to sample and download. Features local music search to find a band near you, and a useful sounds like search to find new music in your taste band. Not massive but worth a look.
Yep Amazon! Few people realise that Amazon has offered free MP3? downloads for a long while. Since the advent of their new iTunes rival however, they've made it harder to find the free stuff in one place, so you have to literally hunt around the site to grab the goodies on offer. Worth it if you've got some time to spare doing a search though. Use a disposable email address.
Remnant of the old Vitaminic group which disappeared spectacularly a few years ago, this stalwart music site continues to offer valuable content across a range of music styles and genres. You won't find the latest mainstream stuff here of course, but it's still good music.
Slick, but rather sluggish artist promotion site with a large selection of tracks in various genres. Mix of mp3, WMA, downloads and streaming as well as artist CD purchase.
Great grand-daddy of all music sites, with over a quarter of a million artists and 750,000 tracks for stream and download. Soon - as at 20.11.03 - to disappear forever into the CNET stable, to be resurrected as who knows what? ('Update' 20 July 04: good news, bad news, good news for music lovers. has announced a Recover Your mp3 Account For Free service for mp3 bands. So hopefully many of the lost tracks will be restored to the world sooner rather than later. Bad news? has returned as a boring signed artist promotion site. Avoid. Good news? CNet? has added a respectable music section to, where there are lots of free mp3 tracks available. Fair enough guys, but why mess with
CNET's new MP3?.COM replacement. Lots of independent artists and a growing handful of record label participants (mostly indie labels).
Artistopia offers music artists and songwriters a platform to collaborate on musical projects with industry professionals.
Great selection of stuff from all sorts of predominently modern genres. Excellent. Be sure to check out all the similar artist selections and streams. - Netlabels
Over 2,500 free EP's/albums (and more than 15,000 tracks?) from mainly electronica 'net labels', all gathered under the one roof courtesy of the Internet Archive. Worth a look indeed! - Live Music Archive
More than 15,000 freely downloadable concerts - a user-friendly face put onto the Etree live concert trading download service, with explicit permission from the bands involved, by the wonderful Internet Archive. Easier to use, search and recommend. Warning, some massive sized file downloads (SHN), although some streaming/downloadable mp3 too.
20,000 artists and 30,000 songs from 5 countries. Free mp3 tracks for download and streaming. Some interesting Euro bands!
Jamendo is a very fast growing Download and community site for creative commons liscensed music (over 80.000 tracks) All music on is free for Download via emule or Bittorrent, you can chose between .OGG or mp3 format. If you like the music you have downloadet you can make a donation to the artist or buy a CD.
More than 100,000 songs available for free download (as of Feb 2005). Run by self-proclaimed indie fans to fill the hole left by Nice design, nice selection, nice site all round. [Update July 05: Wow, just taken another look and they've really spruced the place up. It's got some fab features now elegantly arranged on the band page (like next gigs etc). Use it with the Greasemap plug-in for Firefox and you even get a map of where your fave band is based. Excellent! Red.]
Hosts mp3s and videos, close to 4,000 artists as of October 2004, various genres, easy interface - free of pop up player consoles, streaming lofi/hifi for winamp, real and other players, forums, downloads
Community site that hosts alternative (or independent) artist content. Tracks provided free streams and/or downloads.
Hosts thousands of great mp3 files uploaded to the website by artists from around Australia and overseas. All mp3 files on the site are completely legal as they have been uploaded by the artists themselves, and free to listen or download.
Weedshare Search
Search engine for music in Weedshare format. Weedshare allows you to download and listen to music for free. Only for Windows users, no special software needed to listen. After you have heard a song three times, you can decide to buy the song, pass it on to someone else or just throw it away.
The Weed Files
Self-service music store intended for artists and labels who want to distribute their music in the Weed format. Their services, including lifetime hosting, are provided for free. They have 1600 independent artists in their database, including Heart, Kristin Hersh, Gazpacho, Roger Manning, Abby Travis and Gretchen. They're currently in the process of adding about 70,000 songs from CD Baby artists to their catalogue.

Review Sites
Six different authors scour the web for the best free and legal music and write a brief review. A new band is posted every day. [Update: Nice design, nice selection of songs, blog format. Well worth a look! Red.]
Review site that hand picks each of the songs that are posted and offers them for free download. The idea is to focus on only posting the best music that the reviewers encounter. (forever down)
A well designed, independent music site featuring audio reviews (they let you stream/download a high quality track from the album being reviewed while you read) and mp3 downloads from a variety of genres.
Wilson and Alroy's Record Reviews. Don't let the site's simple appearance fool you. This site is a wealth of thousands of album reviews encompassing popular music from today back to the 1950s. Wilson & Alroy, a pair of self proclaimed "rock 'n' roll super dweebs" go into a huge amount of depth and precision in picking apart some of the best (and worst) albums, and best of all, back up their opinions. An excellent and engrossing site.
A nicely presented and detailed review site. No downloads, just direct links to the artist sites with mp3's to offer. Nice.
Again focus is on being a peer review site, which makes it more difficult to find tracks to download, as you're reliant on the views of a community to 'bubble' stuff to the surface of the charts. 'Update:' OK, on review I'm probably being a little unfair here. There's certainly a goodly selection of music (100,000 tracks) to stream and download, and the quality is definitely better than random download sites. Well worth a visit! Also see above!
Not brilliant. Site mostly full of reviews. Looks good and may be useful to find new stuff, but the downloads are kind of poor and placements are paid ads.
This is a good indie music review site. They have well-written reviews and interviews with various artists. There is a free mp3 download for just about every band that they profile. Oh, and the music they choose is, IMHO, very good.
New music reviews in 75 words of less. Mostly indie rock but hip hop and electronic are also common.
Online music zine for people with a voracious appetite for new music.
A high quality selection of the most musical and creative electronic artists from around the globe. A fully skipable 192 kbps mp3 stream, allowing quick access to the music. Updated daily with an rss feed of the "Artist of the Day".
A music community site featuring artists from all genres and nations. Hifi and Lofi streams and downloads from a very large number of genres.
Music resource provides unsigned artists and independent bands with an opportunity to promote original MP3? music and solicit recording contract offers. [Update: Clearly a new site (basic design and not much material) which offers a subscription service for unsigned bands - one track is free, extra tracks uploaded cost money. Best thing about the service currently is the voting section which gives listeners a chance to say which artists deserve a record contract. Needs much more material. Red]
Killed By A Crescendo
MP3? blog featuring the newest tracks and reviews in a large variety of genres.
Free Online Music Promotion and reviews for unsigned bands. [Nice clean design! Red.]
Great Songs Free
Some excellent tunes from indie artists for free and legal download. [Be prepared to navigate around a large amount of Google adverts in order to get access to the tunes, but nice selection nevertheless. Red].
MP3 Thursday at LeliaThomas.Com
Weekly feature of an unknown musician or band that offers free and legal MP3? downloads. Multiple genres; everything from Americana and blues to ambient chillout.

Specialist Music Sites
A site that features a wide variety of electronic (Industrial, EBM, Darkwave, Synthpop, Electronica, Noise) mp3 downloads. You can also download loop files to remix. Unfortunately, to download songs, you must be registered. Use a throw away address.
Weekly updated original mp3s plus online radio. Home of Phoebus and NoSushi.
650-Breaks (Hot Shit !)
Online mixes archives from Amon Tobin, Coldcut, Dj Shadow, Dj Spooky, Diplo, Sixtoo and more...
Karadar offers a simply superb selection of all things classical. Downloads, librettos, texts, et al. The only 'problem' is that the mp3 download process has been made deliberately complex - including a classical music question gateway - to foil leeching ignoramusii (?). Still brilliant though!
Free List of Mp3s, Reviews, Search Engine
Half a million links in the list to date and adding about 10-15 thousand per day, Some really neat stuff and weird stuff. The best part of the site is the keyword search and the Review pages. Add your site to have it scanned as well.[Update:not sure about this site at all, the search function and overall design are very strange for instance! Ah well. Red]
Agnula Libre Music
A database of Libre Music (works which have been put by their authors under a license which allows free redistribution and usage). Artists, who want their music to be accessible to the widest audience possible, without artificially limiting how and how much their creations spread around, can better publish their music there, instead of on this Wiki page.
The MIT Free Classical Music Site (down)
Short but sweet page of free music primarily taken from concerts of the MIT Chamber Chorus and Concert Choir, but there are other cool classical music links there too. Definitely worth a look. is many things. first we are a music label, though we deal with .mp3's and hard drive space not vinyl! is also what the users make it. It is an organic community that can shape their own identity by uploading and downloading, organising parties, bringing their own projects to, making bands with other members, helping with any aspect of the site programming, designing... whatever.
Huge electronic music Net label based in Manchester UK - some amazing free mp3 releases including BSR, DNCN, Maroufleur, Batfinks and Domestication Of The Dog.
Loads and loads of hardcore, post-hardcore, and metal songs for download. Most of these tracks are DIY or pre-production recordings, but there is an equal number of gems for the angst-ridden 16-year-old scenester in you.
Kahvi Collective
mission: to gather and provide free electronic grooves. area of operation: internet
Feng's Distorted World
Presenting Free and Legal Mp3 Downloads from Underground Electronic Music Artists.
Blentwell is an ongoing document of the evolution of blended music. A daily updated link log of hot mixsets and fresh new tracks heard online..
Beats, breaks, mixes, shit...
Avantgarde Pop from Hamburg
Plinko Manor
Free punk rock from the local South Bend, Indiana music scene. More added all the time.
Free bizarre brokenbeat mp3s from this stable of underground talent based near brighton, uk. New and remixed tracks added all the time.
Like the Blues and 'olde tyme' stuff? Then you'll like the Public Domain mp3's coming out of this small site. Needs much more to make it really sing and dance, but still a nice alternative to all the indie stuff out there.
Small and select collection of Asian classical music tracks taken from cassette tape recordings. Worth a visit if you're an enthusiast.
Classic Cat
Free classical music is difficult to find among the many hosting sites. Classic Cat provides a neat overview - sorted by composer and work.
'Donner Farms are proud to broadcast the finest in old-fashioned music, the kind that Maw-Maw Donner and Pap Donner loved to play and listen to on the porch or by the fire.' Streaming old fashioned music broadcast.
Hip Hop. Vinyl singles for sale, free radio streaming, Top 40 and new releases. Couldn't find any free downloads though.
Surprise! It's a ragga-jungle site. Streaming radio and free registration needed for music downloads.
Heavy metal fans only. This is your stop. Downloads of all sorts of stuff. Heavy!
Another one for heavy metal fans.
Computer games are fun. So too apparently is the background music when it's remixed and offered as mp3 downloads. Lots of downloads!
Christian mp3 downloads (from here, not from up there silly!) Watch out also for the Catholic Jukebox and the reviews.
Small, but tastefully targeted (OK it's bright, alright?) children's mp3 music download and streaming service. Not many tracks, but links back to artist's sites offers more. Includes charts.
An online indie music store, designed to help artists sell their tracks directly to listeners and keep most of their own money. Lots of features to help artists promote themselves and to help listeners find good stuff.
A music portal dedicated to contemporary classical and avant garde music; linking sites with freely available mp3's by several hundred selected contemporary composers.
Independent artist collective, many genres. Downloads available at most of the artist sites. The Radio Room highlights unusual stations and sound collections.
Guitars 101
Eclectic guitar focussed site with variable selection of streaming and downloadable mp3 tracks The axeman cometh!
Free Music Group
Quick reference page to several free, legal sites. Featured are the solo piano, solo guitar, Christmas, children's and Christian music below.
Free Solo Guitar
New, but excellent resource for multiple fingerstyle guitar artists who present full-length songs for free download.
Free Solo Piano
Well-trafficked site features quite a wealth of solo piano music by popular indie artists.
Christian MP Free
New, but growing selection of indie Christian artists. Emphasis on quality material.
Free Kids Music
Very popular source for free music for kids.
Free Childrens Music
As above, a great place to discover top indie music for children.
Feels Like Christmas
Traditional or contemporary, instrumental or vocal. A treasured source of quality legal music to enhance the holiday season.
The Free Music Directory
Developing directory of sites which offer at least one full-length, high-quality song download on their site. Free listings to all who qualify.
Searches the web for the finest free dance music available. A collection of independent techno, house, hip-hop, broken beat, downbeat, nu-jazz and electronica genres.
DJ Kenny Mac
Eastern Europe from Kyiv (but in English), offering a small number (as yet) of Ukraine free alternative rock downloads and info. Free submission's for qualified bands interested in networking East and Central Europe.
Dr. Safa YEPREM's guitar page
Special documents for Art of Flamenco and Guitar, videos, lessons and mp3 files.
MIDI Pianola & Player Piano Rolls
Links to huge archives of midi-files converted from late 1800s & early 1900s punched paper rolls for automatic player pianos. Get one of the widely available free midiPlayers for your PC/Mac and take a trip back in time.. these collectors/archivars deserve a massive thank you for the effort taken.. just wonderful !!
Out of the Blue Productions
Floor filling Electronic Beats for your ears! A MUST HEAR! Go to music page!
the roots music listening room
wonderful collectors site including 1000++ mp3s of the oude time music, mainly from vintage 78rpm recordings now in the public domain, a true treasure chest !
Zambian Music Site
The best site for all Zambian Music
Musician War
A site that encourages members to upload original compositions and \"duel\" where community members can vote on their preferred track. (Site formerly known as
headjog - royalty free music
high impact royalty free music, instant downloads

General Music Sites
United Bands
Lots of free downloads from Indie bands around the world, but mostly in America. Lots of community features, voting, friends, online journal and more.
Nice selection of over 6000 tracks for streaming and download, along with useful reviews. Definitely worth a look!
My Space
Rapidly becoming the 'street' music community of choice. Massive amount of unsigned talent - some very good! - showcased on their own mini-site pages with lots of cool community features, photos, comments etc etc. If it's too loud, you're too old!
This niche site offers music from independent musicians releasing their own material - unlike many large portals, it chooses quality over quantity and has unique english quirkiness with reviews of the artists. It's a cross between an english music mag and an mp3 site. Nice design and some nice features.
Common Tunes
Billed as a 'community directory of freely available music'. Eclectic collection of Mp3 tracks ranging from Beethoven to the Beastie boys. Nice design, but since it's in beta I suspect that it's very much an early work in progress. One to watch though! \\

largehearted boy
Daily downloads, daily news, bittorrent downloads and much more.
Music News, Album & Concerts Reviews, Free and Legal mp3's, Music Videos, Art / Entertainment and much more.
mp3 blog which also hosts downloads from labels such as Radio Khartoum and Ninjatune. Reviews and more.
Reasonably sized indie music sales portal with a fair amount of full tracks to download. Definitely worth a visit.
Nice simple song portal. No actual downloads, but lots of direct links to artists tracks hosted elsewhere. Neat!
Self proclaimed indie rock record store with a small record label on the side. Offers streaming radio, lots of signed bands and a very respectable collection of free mp3 tracks for download. Nice vibe.
A front end portal for more than 16,000 artists and 51,000 tracks. Throw in some news, forums and a general community feel and you get the picture. Nice place to visit and worth taking time to browse.
Unsigned artist portal, and part of the Vitaminic Group. Some interesting foreign bands.
65,000 'specially formulated' mp3 tracks which can only be played or downloaded by the site's advert sponsored Play Vox Studio player. In its favour, the site does offer a fairly decent partnership with artists (50% revenue split on sales and a share of any potential company profits).
Started as a online record store but now also a record label, magazine, internet radio station and mp3 site. Alt-country, Folk rock, Americana and singer/songwriters are strongly represented but pop, emo and indie rock are here too.
Belgian mp3 site, featuring over 1000 tracks for download and streaming from 600 artists, all in English.
Musical Family Tree
Features a lot of indie bands from Mid West USA, in the hope of exposing them to a larger audience. Message boards, downloads, streaming, it's all there. (Update : Definitely worth a look, if you like this style)
Music community for independent music artists offering online auditions, streaming radio, free downloads and music sales. Offers artists the highest payback anywhere in the world. [Update: Nice looking site, some good music, although not a huge selection of free downloads yet. Red.]
One of the fastest growing community of indie artists on the planet. Broadjam is the engine driving the music of independent musicians around the world.
Music Therapy
Music Therapy: Dr Julie Trudeau invites you to enjoy her online music natural health products and join her love affair with the phi harmonic vibrations of the Music of the Spheres. Buy digital Music created by her and enjoy life!
Free MP3? music downloads that are hundred percent legal. Select from over 30,000 free MP3?'s, from a vast collection of genres. Stay up to date with current music news, discuss your favorite song and artist, add your music, and more.

Miscellaneous Sites
Legal Torrents
Site dedicated to 'Creative Commons-licensed, legally downloadable, freely distributable creator-approved files' distributed via BitTorrent?. Lots of music, but also movies and books too.
Certified Sound MP3 Mastering
Online Mp3 mastering service for the Independent Artist. We have the experience to bring out the best in your studio mix. Check out our quality at our free streaming radio site.
iTunes freebie downloads
Great - i.e. comprehensive and growing - list of free music downloads currently available on the iTunes store. Delivered by the good folk on the MacRumors forums. Good on yer!
Web site listing links to web sites with free legal music and mp3 downloads.
Links to Tens of Thousands of Legal Music Downloads
The original July 2003 (updated in Feb 2004) essay about all this legal and free music stuff with lots of links.
The Online Music Business Space
An excellent, up to date and frozen summary of the major info on this page.
Mr Red Penguin
Amusing blog with various free and hard-to-find indie mp3s.
Free Music Blog
Basically what it says. A blog celebrating free and legal music around the world.
Use Free Music
Visit NEWS/Free track for good quality free loops & samples with a new track every month. Site also provides Royalty Free Music for Film, TV, and web based media. Site has produced music for Dr. Who, Graham Norton & iBuzz.
365 Days Project
The legendary 365 Days Project, in which an mp3 a day -- of mostly outsider, novelty, and oddball recordings -- was made available for the public to download over the course of 2003. It has been archived in its entirety, complete with images and vast commentary on each selection on UBUWEB. Free Mp3 Blog
Free electronic music downloads, daily. Techno, electronica, house, drum n bass, IDM, glitch, trance, breakbeat, hardcore, downtempo, minimal, 2-step, garage, even the occasional chip. All legal.
Interesting art entity. They brought you Free Radio Linux, and bring you streaming softwares, manuals, music and more.
Subsystence is a web magazine, but not in the traditional sense. The Downloads section on the main page features bi-monthly stores of electronic music mp3s from a variety of Chicago-based artists.
Close Your Eyes
A cool list of mp3 blogs, which post links to tracks in various music categories. Well worth a visit if you're starting off. See also Thom:Blog for another selection.
Mystery and Misery
This awesome blog links to legal (and free) music of all different genres from the really obscure to lesser known (for now) indie bands. Each post comes with a mini bio and review.
Mp3 blog aggregator, boasting over 45 blogs which feature mp3 tracks to listen to and download. Also supplies rather useful RSS feeds if that's yer bag.
What it says, a collection of eclectic mp3 remixes available for free download. You get to vote for them too, so that's fun. The vote and fight changes regularly, which keeps it fresh.
A sort of UK promo, marketing type site, with a 'radio' section which offers free downloads of a small eclectic mix of bands.
A sort of artistically correct community of artists. A creative collaboration with music. Small number of downloads and streams.
Russian based members only download site which features a massive collection of mp3 albums in all of the major genres. This is not yer indie/unsigned label affair, these are all major name tracks offered under some sort of strange Russian copyright rule. One for the brave only!
They post a title, the community writes the song, people download or stream the mp3 tracks and vote for favourites. Quirky, cool and fun. Quality is variable, but better than you might expect.
Huge FTP based mailing list for exchanging live concert & show recordings from willing bands. No mp3's, music is downloaded via the 'Shorten' format then has to be converted to WAV before being burned to CD. Includes an extensive wiki with information about how to convert those shorten files and set up the FTP transfers. Slower than downloading mp3's, but within reason with a broadband connection. Very cool if you're into jam sessions and other live stuff from artists like Counting Crows, The Allman Brothers and The Tragically Hip.
Weed is a truly innovative music file sharing service. Complex to explain but in a nutshell, Weed files are tricked out WMA which can play 3 times then stop unless purchased. But - once bought they can be sold on ad infinitum. And the clever part is that the artist always gets 50% of the sale price, but you get between 10 and 20% each sale. It's sort of MLM without the naff conferences. Downside? Only 17 artists minor label artists as yet. Might work with major names, but this may be hard uphill work. ('Update': Heart have just released their new album using Weed, so it may be gaining traction?)
Weed music downloads
Weed music distributor offering large collection of legal music downloads.
Excellent collection of thousands of free downloadable MIDI files. Movie and TV themes, Queen, REM...just lots.
Free sheet music for download. Over 300 pieces and growing. A sort of hugely laudable Project Gutenberg for sheet music.
Every day the site nominates one track as a Jackpot mp3 winner, and gives a direct link to the artist's mp3 for download. Sort of a collaborative recommendation service for finding new music. See also their sister site,
Use these bookmarklets to play web pages of mp3's in your browser or preferred media player. Generated playlists are added to the database, which now contains hundreds of links to pages with music files.['Update': actually this is way cool, check it out! Red]
The Wired CD
The November 2004 issue of Wired magazine included a copy of a CD with 16 songs produced under the Creative Commons License. If you did not pick up a newsstand copy of the magazine with the CD featuring artists like: The Beastie Boys, David Byrne (radio), Zap Mama, Gilberto Gil and others... Rip, mix, burn. Swap till you drop. Copyrighted for the 21st century. The music cops can't do a thing - it's 100 percent legal, licensed by the bands. The CCmixter site shows the results of this initiative.
Healing Piano
An entire "virtual album" of solo piano music from a single artist. Available to all, but presented especially with the intent of being freely distributed to those who are grieving or convalescing...
Music Lab
A research project conducted by scientists from Columbia University to learn about how people form opinions about music. If you participate you will have a chance to download free new music for personal use. After answering a few questions about yourself, you will be presented with a menu of songs by cool new artists. Your participation might take up to two hours, depending on how many songs you want to listen to. Explore it and report here if you found it worthwhile.
Guilt Free P2P
Guilt Free P2P? is an experiment in web based media distribution. Many free/legal music as well as video and software downloads. Live, interactive DJs?. You can also chat with the DJ's on port 6667 with a PG user name. Tune in mms://
bedava mp3
Best Music is in this site and chipper.

Streaming only Sites
Yep, streaming is defintely the new black here at the start of 2008. This fancy looking site comes with all the trimmings - oodles of music, artist bios and that oh so common design that looks like it was created in a laboratory.
Quirky interface masks a valiant attempt to combine an online music store with a streaming audition service. Not enough mainstream content to make it truly exciting, but worth a visit nonetheless to listen to the occasional rare full album treat.
Nearly 400,000 tracks of very high-quality, major record-label tracks spanning the last thousand years, from obscure medieval music to cool jazz to hip-hop released last week. Works are copyrighted but all costs are absorbed by, since joining and listening is free and without advertisement. Site streams at 160 or 320 kpbs.
Streaming site from the École Polytechnique de Montréal. Music from Jazz to techno from this student radio, twenty-four seven, advertising free. The site is in english.
Radio Shirt
Streaming radio portal with nice selection of stations, reviews and a rather nifty player/toolbar. Definitely worth checking out if you're an online radio nut.
Realtime 365
real:time is a live365 streaming radio station hosted by shadow records/bastard jazz recording artist saru (a.k.a spooky monkey) featuring mixed sets and original downtempo, dub, trip hop, drum & bass, ambient, experimental & nu jazz releases from up-and-coming independent lables & unsigned artists.
Big daddy of daddies in the streaming music world. Thousands of amateur run 'stations' broadcasting everything from classical to pop. Fabulous free resource, especially when allied with the free and awesome Station Ripper program. Superb!
Megarock Radio
Megarock Radio has been rocking the internet since 1998 and serves over a million monthly listeners and ten thousand members. Offers modem and broadband digital audio feeds for music listeners and allows requests to be taken 24/7 with live programming. \\ Lots of indie, alternative, electronica and other modern genres streamed via hi and lo fi radio and streams. Not that easy to navigate, but a good selection of stuff.
Real Media music stream showcasing new music. Based in San Francisco. No downloads.
Just Concerts
Reasonable selection of live concerts and studio sessions in a variety of genres, streamed in Real Player format. Rather Canadian too.
Streaming indie radio. Listeners can influence playlist and artists can send their mp3's to get played. Run out of Alaska - huh?
Dance, trance and elektronica. Streamed in a variety of formats. Also offers advertising free premium streaming services.
Streaming German electronic 'net label'. Also features a constant streaming radio service.
Streaming the 'ultra heavy' beats. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Over 700 recordings of 78 rpm records in Real Audio streaming format. Crackly, hissy but oh so magical.
Nicely styled 'artist showcase' and streaming mp3 radio service which offers music from around 500 artists. No downloads but features a nice per track rating system.
Accu Radio - Internet radio YOU control. Range of around 12 modern music genres, nice selection of tracks, streamed at good quality.
Kulak's Woodshed is a 'Labor of Love'. It's also a "A Live Internet Webcast Acoustic Music, Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Blues, Country, (anything goes), seats 'bout 40, kinda . . . thang". Very worthy and very Californian!
Testing Testing is another webcast of music 'and stuff'. From Gordy Coale's living room. This, I suspect, is what we mean when we talk about the Internet democracy. Very offbeat, improvised and different. Definitely different!
San Francisco based alternative rock web radio station. Lots of cool music in a variety of bandwidth friendly formats. Right on, dude!
A french site that collects streams. Download one file, containing 3000 radio station adresses, and drag the ones you are interested in, to your iTunes radio playlist to listen. ('Update': Avoid, only adverts there for now! If you know where that file is currently hosted, make an update here.)
Bhangra, gazals, indi pop - all sorts of Hindi music tracks are here. Unfortunately it's only Real media streaming, and pretty poor quality at that. The servers need working on too. But it's a start.
Headtones Web Radio
Several hours of archived programs streaming lofi and hifi .m3u - ready for re-play, featuring promising and established artists, exploring ambient, glitch, spoken word art, breakbeats, post rock, electo-acoustic and other genres, descriptive links guide to other cool webcasts and resource sites, tones for the head.
This portal has thousands of free mp3s each ranked and sorted by genres. It's a good way to find great new music without having to sort through unwanted songs. But it uses a silly popup window which streams the same track over and over again. There are also no direct links to the mp3 files, so downloading is made difficult and often not available.
DanceAge Crap name, ok site.
This site is ok. Contains quite a few artists to listen to, as well as videos etc.
The Balaabodu
another free cool website to listen to some nice music online

Collaborative Systems
iRATE Radio
Collaborative music filter software. Rate your favorite music and receive recommendations based on your rankings. Uses an open source client program written in Java, available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, to download new tracks while listening to tracks already received. The development site is here.
Gnomoradio is a free program which currently runs only on Linux/Unix systems. It finds and plays mp3's and ogg's that are located on the user's hard drive. It searches for, downloads and shares songs that are available under a Creative Commons license. And it recommends songs based on a user's listening preferences, almost like a totally personalized radio broadcast.
Webjay is a tool that helps you listen to and publish playlists on the web. Mp3 players like WinAmp?, iTunes, RealOne?, and Windows Media Player can be given a list of songs to play. Most of the time the songs are on the web, but they can also be on your computer. Webjay is all about playlists of songs on the web.
Free downloadable software program which looks at your iTunes library and finds others who have similar tastes. Clever idea really, not sure how well it works though. PC or Mac versions.
Collaborative system which builds your taste profile by using a plug-in for your media player (e.g. Winamp). Plugins send the name of every song you play to the Audioscrobbler server, which updates your musical profile with the new song...The system automatically matches you to people with a similar music taste, and generates personalised recommendations. Free mp3's and ones for purchase also available at their Downloads Section.
Sister vessel to AudioScrobbler (uses same servers). A streaming radio service which offers music referrals by checking out your listening habits before pointing you towards folk with similar tastes.

Record (Net) Labels
Swedelife Collective
Swedelife is an indie music collective based in the SF Bay Area. They are releasing a song a day for free. It's an Mp3 blog with a Podcast as well.
Access Tonal Communications
Access Tonal Communications is an Electronic music collective ranging in different styles from Experimental to Electro Funk.
The netlabel for electro-organic dance music releases high quality mp3s under a creative commons license. Purpose is to promote danceable electronic music, based on organic or natural samples, sounds and structures, and to merge experimental weirdness with complaisant audibility.
Quirky interface aside, this German netlabel portal offers a large and varied selection of labels in various genres. If you can be bothered to navigate the cryptic links you'll probably find something cool.
CD Baby
Fabulous online record store with 71,000 artists. Taste the 2 minute streams of their huge catalog.
Indie label featuring noise, noisecore, darkwave, spoken word and other "Cruel and Unusual Music". Plenty of free mp3 files plus all songs are availble for download for 75 cents!
Netlabel Catalogue
The Netlabel Catalogue is now a (Wiki) list, index, directory of music labels which offer you free downloads from their pages. Those netlabels are also often called mp3 label, online label, web label, internet label or even netaudio label...
A german CD-R and netlabel, bringing you a wide range of indie music from postrock over electronica to abstract rap. All the music is free and creative commons licensed.
TMet Recordings
New Zealand's Digital Dance & Electronica Label.
LobeCandy Records
Their entire Indie Catalog Online.
Tune Resource
Nice Canadian label selling lots of old blues, folk and other eclectic material for reasonable prices (e.g. $4.99 for 118MB file download of Blind Lemmon Jefferson tracks). Artists also include Elvis, Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong and others, along with a fab streaming 40's jukebox and a few free Mp3 downloads. But not enough folks!!! C'mon don't be mean, upload some more!

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